Ethical business, the Hartalega way

As the world’s leading glove manufacturer, Hartalega is cognisant that our people are the heart of our company. Hartalega is firmly committed and conscious that it is our responsibility to ensure that our employees’ welfare is protected.

In line with our strong business ethics and core values which permeate every aspect of our organisation, we advocate the just and fair treatment of all our Hartanians, regardless of nationality, race, religion, gender or age.

Social Compliance

We strictly adhere to Malaysian labour laws and regulations pertaining to recruitment of migrant workers. Our social compliance policies are aligned with international benchmarks against child labour and young workers, workplace discrimination, as well as forced labour. We carry out social compliance audits in accordance with internationally recognised standards including the SEDEX Member Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) and Foreign Trade Association’s Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) to ensure our strict standards are maintained.

Environment Safe
Zero recruitment cost policy

Hartanians have never had to pay any fees to Hartalega to join the company.

No child labour policy

Should any child labour is detected, corrective action plan will be taken such as funding of living and educational costs.

Freedom of movement

All workers have free access to their passports and do not have curfew at their hostels.

Regulation of overtime

Working hours are strictly regulated to ensure we remain far below the limits set by Malaysian laws.

Health and safety of our beloved Hartanians

Employment Income & Career Development Opportunities

Hartalega’s workplace nurtures career aspirations for all Hartanians. From our extensive talent development and structured training programmes, to our monthly and annual salary increments – Hartanians always have room to grow. Our Accelerated Development Programme (ADP) provides equal opportunities for career advancement for all high performers, including migrant workers. Since the introduction of our Accelerated Development Programme (ADP) in 2011, we’ve promoted over 900 employees, of which 82% are foreign Hartanians. This is a testament to the company’s promise of fair treatment for all employees, regardless of background.

Employee Welfare
Health & Safety

We implement stringent health and safety measures and have stationed specialised volunteer Emergency Response Teams in our factories and hostels at all times. We have our own on-site ambulances and in-house sickbays where Hartanians can seek medical treatment with costs fully borne by the company.

Our new Employee Health Management Programme helps workers with underlying health issues such as diabetes or hypertension, and those that require extended medical treatment.


Our accommodation for migrant workers not only adheres to, but surpasses the requirements or recommendations of the International Labour Organization and sufficient space per person as stipulated by the Malaysian Workers’ Minimum Standard of Housing and Amenities Act 1990. Our hostels include all essential facilities, from industrial-grade kitchens and commercial refrigerators to prayer rooms, leisure and recreation areas, sporting facilities and sundry shops.

Workers Representatives

The representatives are chosen by their peers via a formalised and transparent nomination and election process, whereby all dorms and nationalities are represented.

Elected representatives are not only involved in dorm-related matters, but also other related committees relevant for migrant workers, including safety, grievances, engagement, canteen, and grocery shop.


Hartanians are able to voice out any and all grievances via multiple channels, including through worker representatives, department managers, human resource, and/or security supervisors.

Our Social Compliance team acts as an independent party to handle all harassment, abuse and corruption reports, which are then reported directly to the Chief of Human Resources and the Chief Executive Officer.

Corporate Governance

While we have surpassed industry standards in our people practices, Hartalega is committed to constantly improve, adapt and monitor our entire operation, to guarantee sustainable growth and development. To this end, we are constantly reviewing the policies and programmes we have in place to address any gaps as soon as they become apparent.

Environment Safe

Anti-bribery & anti-corruption policy

Gender diversity policy

Whistleblowing policy & procedure

External auditor policy

Board charter

Code of conduct

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